Sparks Kansas Antiques & Collectibles Flea Market

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1708 Freeport Rd , Highland, Kansas 66035, United States
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Sparks Antiques and Collectibles Flea Market features more than 500 dealers. If you are searching for the right antiques and collectibles, this is definitely the market for you. And get some great food while you are here!

Most of the year, Sparks is a small old fashioned town of about 9 people (yes, we said 9) But 2 times a year, during Flea Market time, it soars to over 75,000! This bi-annual flea market has over 500 vendors and dealers selling everything from antiques, collectibles and everything in between. The large variety of content makes this a pickers dream. You can find antique tools, toys, furniture and even some funky flea market finds..We have a show every spring and fall, and are located about 30 miles west of St. Joseph Mo.

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