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This is your number one resource/tool for searching/researching wholesale and liquidation businesses, giving both buyers and sellers a place to find all liquidation and wholesale in one place. This platform is for both buyers and sellers, where they can find information about sourcing, buying, selling, freight, merchandise and anything else you can think relating to liquidation, wholesale, exports and more.


As we support the liquidation and wholesale business and process, we want to be clear about the information we are providing. Just because there is a business listed on this platform, that does not mean we support or promote them as a reputable or trusted seller. As we begin to roll out new features we will have ways to identify business that we would recommend as a reputable or trusted seller. Until then we are available to answer any questions, and will share any information we know about businesses in the liquidation industry. If you have had a business dealing with a business listed on here, please leave them a review. So in closing be smart, shop wisely and let us know where we can help!

Find Vetted Suppliers

Tired of wondering who’s a scam and who’s not? Whether the Google reviews you see are real? Liquidation Map Sellers are vetted!

Avoid Scammers

Scammers and disreputable businesses will take your money and leave you high and dry. We help you weed them out.

Global Information

We are building a global map so that you can connect with suppliers as close or as far as you need.

"I want Liquidation Map to be an educational resource that changes the industry, levels the playing field, makes it harder for scammers to gain a foothold, and helps produce better business relationships and outcomes for buyers and sellers."

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We can't wait to release our upcoming liquidation & business classes!

We want to teach more people how to build, run, and scale a business with liquidation and wholesale inventory. From the legal side of creating a business, dealing with taxes, sourcing products, business marketing and more, we want to help you learn how to build your brand and create the business empires of the future. 


And innovating every day! Follow us for news, tips, tricks, and hot deals!

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At we know there are a lot of choices when it comes to buying Liquidation and Wholesale. We want to help you navigate through all the smoke and mirrors on the internet, by providing a holistic view of businesses in this sector.

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Whether you want to know if a seller is vetted, want to learn how to get started, or are having technical issues, we're happy to hear from you and will do our best to leave you impressed!


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