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2 Million Users Looking For Your Products

Across all media outlets, Liquidation Map has more monthly users than major platforms like TopTenWholesale and Wholesale Central.

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Join our fast growing community of verified suppliers pushing back against scammers and fake businesses ruining consumer trust. We are bringing back consumer confidence by providing a safe place for buyers to find the best sources of liquidators, wholesalers, manufacturers, distributors, and more across all major categories of merchandise.

24/7 Visibility Online

With Liquidation Map you gain visibility online and on all of our social media and platforms. Gain immense exposure.

View Your Traffic Statistics

We offer our members the ability to see daily, weekly, and even live traffic statistics for their listings and products. What is your listing doing for your business? What is the RoI of this marketing expense? We put the power in your hands. You no longer need to pay money and wonder if you are getting fair value.

Liquidation Map vetted seller

$99 a Year

Vetted Seller

Get 1 Business Listing
Get 5 Categories
List 5 Photos
Get on the Map

liquidation Map Service Hero

$400 a Year

Service Hero

Up to 5 Business Locations
List Unlimited Products
Up to 5 Videos
Up to 25 Photos
Up to 15 Categories
Get on the Map
Get extra ad access
Get monthly featured promos

liquidation Map Sales Leader

$250 a Year

Sales Leader

Up to 3 Business Locations
List up to 30 Products
Up to 15 Photos
Up to 15 Categories
Get on the Map
Get extra ad access
Get Facebook promos

Connect With Real Clients

When you register at our upper tiers, Liquidation Map will schedule a meeting with you to discuss your business and your ideal customer. With that information, we will narrow down a list of our visitors we think might be ideal customers for your business and help you get in front of them.

We care about helping your business grow.

That’s why we’re not just a marketing platform. When you register at our upper tiers, we schedule a call with you and give you an in-depth analysis of your web presence, and help you realize where all your missed opportunities are – using data, facts, and figures.

We want you to build a relationship with your potential customers. At higher level registration tiers, we put a button on your business’ page so that customers can message you instantly, live, via Facebook or text.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising is a pay-for-performance service, meaning that you only pay for the buyers that click on your listings. Buyer traffic is sent directly to your website.

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