The Willows Flea Market

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345 South Main Street , Mechanic Falls, Maine 04256, United States
Detailed Information
We now have over 250 Artisans & Vendors all under 2 roof’s. Three floors of very unique items from new, used and re-purposed. Antiques, Collectibles & Treasures! Our New building (Small Barn) has been opened since August 3, 2017!
We are open Thursday thru Sunday from 9 to 5 Year Round…
Located @ 345 South Main Street / Mechanic Falls, Maine (route #11). We offer spaces for rent and sell for our Artisans & Vendors. We are very Unique, Clean and Organized!
History of The Willows Flea Market!
In the Fall of 2014 we found out that The Willows Flea Market in Mechanic Falls was for sale. So, we went to look at the place and talked with the owners regarding purchasing the property. We discussed the endless possibilities that we could do with the buildings and the property. Since we had been in the construction business for over 35 years we knew that the work would be extensive to bring The Willows back to life again. Were we up for this kind of huge project and would it work? It would be a big commitment for us as we would have to give up a lot of time and focus on a large remodeling job. We sat down as a family and made the decision to go ahead with our ideas etc.
In February of 2015 we closed on the property and instantly began renovating. On June 4, 2015, we opened with just the first floor with approx… 20 vendors. With a lot of advertising to get more vendors in, we finally filled the first floor with Awesome Artisans and Vendors that were from Maine and other states. At that time, more artisans and vendors were coming in asking to rent a space. Therefore, we started renovating the 2nd floor. The 2nd floor opened in November of 2015. Business for these artisans and vendors were great! We still had more people coming in asking to rent space so we started the 3rd floor renovations. The 3rd floor opened January of 2016. So, from February 2015 to January 2016 we were nonstop with limited help and did all the renovations while bringing in new artisans and vendors at the same time. The word was getting out about what we had done to The Willows and customers that came in couldn’t believe what they saw compared to what it looked like before. It was awesome to see customers faces when they walked through the door as their mouths would drop and couldn’t believe what they were seeing! All customers were very pleased with what we had done to the building and would tell us that they would be back and would tell all their friends and family to come check out The Willows. Artisans and Vendors were still coming in looking to rent spaces. To accommodate them, we decided to start renovating the other one floor building. The other building opened August 3, 2017! Nineteen Booths and there are also middle aisle spaces. As of August of 2017 our customers now have 2 buildings to shop. Both Buildings Combined…we now have 36,560 sq. ft. of Artisans & Vendors. With this new business venture that we started, we have had the opportunity to meet so many wonderful Artisans, Vendors and Customers and are truly Thankful for all who have had their confidence and support in us that has made us what we are today, the Largest Indoor Flea Market in the State! New Building opened August 3, 2017 and is Full of Amazing Vendors, Artisans and Items! We still have a lot of work to be done on the property, so stay tuned and watch the transformation as it’s happening.
In closing, we want to Thank-You for “Shopping By” and Supporting a Local Business for Maine’s Finest Artisans and Vendors in our State!
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