Tireman Flea Market

Contact Information
14300 Tireman Street , Detroit, Michigan 48228, United States
Detailed Information
Tireman Flea Market is one of the few large, indoor flea markets in the area. Located in the old Hostess-Wonderbread building on Tireman, between schaefer, and Hubbell; there is over 76,000 square feet of vendor space. That translates into room for hundreds of vendors. There is a large front parking lot, which will soon be extended.
Most vendor spaces are 10′ x 18′ but we’ll have a few smaller, and larger. there are also two cage sections left to rent for dealers to secure their expensive goods. Those dealers who pay in advance will be allowed to store their items within their space(s) while the market is closed; Monday through Thursday. If you chose this option you must secure your own stock under lock and key.
At the moment we are finishing the replacement, and upgrade of all lighting to brand new LEDs. We’re preparing a food court, and doing some more painting.
Those wanting to reserve a space must come in person and speak to one of our staff. We are normally working in the building from 9a.m.-4p.m. Monday through Saturday.
The vendors that sign up before we open get their first week of space rental for free. Average space sizes are renting at $35 per day. Larger spaces or, fixed areas can be negotiated.
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