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This year, kids are crazily obsessed with YPhone toy phones! A very popular gifting choice among parents is the Yphone because it is the first professional take on a regular smartphone.

When children see you talking on a mobile phone, they will also want a toy mobile phone if they see you do so. Children cannot receive an actual phone as they are expensive and could be a potential threat to nasty things online. It is where the YPhone comes in.

It has been a long time since toy phones were used as playing accessories, and they are now much more sophisticated and used to keep active kids engaged.

yphoneWhy YPhone is so popular

The YPhone is a little play phone for children. Children and toddlers will love these toy phones. Kids and babies are sure to enjoy this pseudo-mobile.

The phone has an excellent build with buttons for all the numbers, colors, and all that. Children will enjoy the toy phone’s heart-shaped teddy bear on the back. Kids can choose from a variety of cartoon characters and designs in different models.

The buttons actually work, so it can do many things! You can change the phone’s lights and music by pressing a button. The YPhone does more with its working buttons.

Children can learn the melody of a song through the toy phone’s many different songs. With the phone, they can sing along. When it is provided with different types of music and songs, it can engage even the fussiest of babies. You won’t have to worry about them fiddling with your phone.

Despite appearing opaque, the sides of the phone emit bright lights. Kids love looking at and playing with the phone because it glares all around. Throughout the edges, flashing multicolor lights create a realistic and stimulating effect. Children are attracted to flashing lights, music, and sound.

Camera: The YPhone appears to have a camera built in. It appears to be a real phone due to its size, which fools kids into thinking they have one.

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