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Shark / Ninja brand truckloads

Small Appliances, amazon smalls, mediums, drug store loads, soda/drink loads, food loads, lowes, home depot, and more available!


Reach out today for pricing on a program you’re interested in!


We are Coast-to-Coast Liquidators, a family-owned and operated business that started as a bin store named $6 Deals. We sell excess truckloads and pallets of wholesale Liquidation to our thriving community of resellers! Please find us on our Facebook group: BUY PHOENIX WHOLESALE/LIQUIDATION PALLETS.

As a discount store, we have operated since 2018 with the same pallets we are selling to you, so we know there is much room for profit! We want our relationship to last because we know without our customers, we won’t last!

Our pallets are sold as-is and come directly off the semi-truck and into your hands or trailer 😁 Some of our pallets are “manifested” and will contain a list of all the contents. The retailers provide this list, so don’t worry; we haven’t put our hands on your product. Other pallets listed as “unmanifested” are still untouched pallets.

In 2018, grabbing Liquidation from giant retailers was easy! We have secured contracts with multiple retailers to get truckloads to meet our customers’ needs constantly. With our contracts, we can provide local resellers with pallets at low prices. Our store will always have at least 50 pallets to shop from daily.

Now that you know a little about our business go and explore our site. Or see us in person!

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