Discount Liquidators Clearance Center & Wholesale

Contact Information
2817 Berry Rd , Texas 77093, USA
Detailed Information
Our Products are top branded department store overstock, store returns, shelf pulls, and stock lots. Ranging from Clothing, Shoes, Electronics, Appliances, Jewelry, Purses, Cosmetics, General Merchandise, and so much more.
We are a wholesale & retail store catering to the general public, flea market vendors, online sellers, boutiques, individual sellers, and many more.
We sell in multiple options: Pick and Choose, By the Box (100 PCS), By the Pallet (400+ PCS) and By the Truckload (up to 48 Pallets)
We sell our merchandise worldwide and can help in get low price export and shipping costs.
Come and visit our store we are open everyday of the week.
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