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N6023 County Rd D, Wisconsin 54961, USA
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You can buy pallets of merchandise!
You pick up, we do not ship.

πŸ™‹πŸΌβ€β™€οΈπŸ™‹πŸΌβ€β™€οΈLet us introduce ourselves! We are Felicia and Matt the owners of FML Flipperz, we can tell you all about buying, selling and so much more! How? We were you! Before selling loads 2 years ago, we WERE Flippers! We were flippers before flipping was a thing here in the Midwest! Let me tell you it’s been a tornado of FUN! 🀩

So let’s Dive into some of these question!

βœ…Many questions!
How does buying pallets work?
Where are you located?
How long have you being selling pallets?
What is the cost of a pallet?
Who can buy pallets?
Do you sell on the side?
βœ…How does buying a pallet work? So most recently we have gone to presale /pre-pay. You can order as many as you want! No fights or rushing! We even started delivery!
βœ…We are located in New London, WI
βœ…How much are your pallets? Keep in mind each load is different, this load (bullseye) is $600 plus tax each pallet!
βœ…We have been selling pallets 2 years!
βœ… Anyone can buy pallets!
βœ… Do we sell on the side? No not consistently, once in a while we will load up a few pallets and go to the flea market just as a fun weekend get away. Other times when pallets sit, we will auction them off or split them down and auction them!
We have spots left for pre order/prepay.
FML Flipperz LLC
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