ASD Market Week

Is attending ASD Market Week worth the expense?

If you participate in the wholesale or liquidation industry and have never been to the ASD Market week Trade Show. ASD can provide you with valuable insight into the iundutsry.

ASD Market Week can be a great way to find new suppliers as there over 1500 wholesale and retail vendors. Which means you can find just about anything you may want to carry in your physical or online store.

Maybe you are looking for a new liquidation supplier. This tradeshow will give you a good feel for just how small liquidation is in the big picture of retail, wholesale, and distribution of products.

While the liquidation industry may not be represented in large numbers at this show, many liquidation companies attend. As it is a great way to network with others in the industry. You can expect to find the top 5 major players in this space at the show. There will be a handful of other liquidation companies but most of them source their products for the top 5 so due your due diligence as everyone claims to be contract holders.

Maybe you would like to start your own brand and want to find white label/private label products. You can find lots of resources in this area to help you get going.

If you are looking for more educational resources. Perhaps you would like tip on how to be more successful selling on Amazon, or tricks to grow your sales on YouTube.  ASD has lots of events, Education sessions and webinars that anyone can attend.

ASD Market week happens twice a year. Once in Q1 and the larger of the two shows in Q3. This show is hosted at the Las Vegas Convention Center and it is a large show so bring comfy walking shoes if you plan to walk the floor.

If you have never been to ASD it is worth the trip at least once. I mean who doesn’t love Fabulous Las Vegas. Hope to see you there.

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