Pallets near me Gergia

Pallets near me – Georgia

Here are some places you will want to check out. Liquidation is a great place for resellers to find merchandise in bulk. If you are looking for New, Shelf pulls, customer returns or salvage type merchandise. Wholesale and liquidation may be able to help you find the inventory you need to keep your resell business moving forward. Here are some Wholesale and liquidators in Georgia.

Savannah Liquidation

Pallets near me – Savannah, Georgia

Savannah Liquidation
We are a wholesale liquidation warehouse based out of Savannah, GA. We sell pallets from major retailers for up to 80% off of retail value. We offer pallets of shelf pulls, overstock/surplus, returns, and box damaged goods.

Pallets near me – Vidalia, Georgia

At Bargain Bucket
We sell retail liquidation pallets at affordable prices.

Pallets near me – Covington, Georgia

Bargain Junction is a retail liquidation store located in Covington, Ga.

We purchase merchandise by the truck or pallet load. These loads can contain returns, shelf pulls, close-outs, and overstocked items.
Retail liquidation could be anything from bedding and house hold items, to tools and recreational materials. We offer these items in our store at extreme discount prices. You never know what you might find!
We also have a wholesale division that specializes in pallet sales, LTL, and truckloads of liquidation merchandise.

Elegant Wholesale

Pallets near me – Peachtree City, Georgia

At Elegant Wholesale, we offer pallets of merchandise from the largest retailers in the world. The pallets of merchandise are customer returns, shelf pulls, and overstock items. We’re family owned and operated business. We take pride in our customer service and facilities.

Pallets R US ATL

Pallets near me – Powder Springs, Georgia

At Pallets R Us, we have wholesale merchandise, surplus, shelf pulls, store closeouts, excess inventory, salvage merchandise, wholesale pallets returns, etc.

Chappy Pallets

Pallets near me – Dallas, Georgia

We are excited to announce the opening of Chappy Pallet Liquidations.
We are selling wholesale liquidated merchandise from all the major retailers. The merchandise will be on pallets and the pallet will be sold whole. These items are seasonal, shelf pulls, overstocked and returns. We accept cash, credit and debit. No sales tax if you have a tax exemption number, we need to have a copy of your tax exempt status form.

Prime Finds

Pallets near me – Alpharetta, Georgia

Prime Finds liquidation is a liquidation company based out of Metro-Atlanta in the heart of beautiful Georgia.
We buy wholesale and overstock general merchandise by the truckload from huge retail stores and we resell them at a lower price to you. We pride ourselves on marketing to small businesses and individuals looking to stock their retail stores, flea markets, eCommerce sites, etc.
We sell items in the form of pallets, smaller boxes (prime boxes), or by the truckload. We ship our products to you from anywhere in the United States (excluding Alaska, Hawaii, & Puerto Rico).If you want to make money, you have come to the right place! We work for you

Pallets near me – Fayetteville, Georgia

We have three days a week where we get new product. Everything is pre-priced.
Our main one is on Tuesday which will have a wide variety of pallets ranging from $200-$4,000. Check our pages for what will be available this coming Tuesday. Our second and third sale is Wednesday and Friday which we call $500 and under. We sell Lowe’s, and something else. Everything is under $500.
We are open during the week as well if you want to skip the crowd.
We take cash or Cash App, Venmo, and Zelle with no fees. We take credit cards but there will be a 3% fee

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