Unlocking Value: How to Effortlessly Resell Your Gift Cards Online

Unlocking Value: How to Effortlessly Resell Your Gift Cards Online

Gift cards, the universal go-to present, often land in our laps with the best intentions but miss the mark on personal preferences. This holiday season, as you find yourself accumulating a stack of them, it’s time to turn these well-intended but unsuitable gifts into cash.

Here are five top-notch platforms where you can effortlessly sell those unwanted gift cards:

1. CardCash

Established in 2009, CardCash provides a straightforward marketplace for buying and selling gift cards from over 1,300 retailers. While they claim potential earnings up to 92% of a card’s value, the actual quote might vary. Payment methods include check, ACH, or PayPal, with a minimum card balance requirement of $10.

2. ClipKard

ClipKard accepts physical gift cards from about 100 retailers, even partially used ones. With a quote tool and prepaid shipping options, it’s a convenient way to convert your unwanted cards into cash. Cards must possess a value of at least $15, with support available for evaluation if your card brand isn’t listed.

3. Gameflip

A platform for gamers, Gameflip allows you to sell digital gift cards for gaming platforms or other retailers. You set the price, control your listings, and receive payouts via Wise, Payoneer, Skrill, or Bitcoin. Gameflip charges an 8% cut on all listings and 2% for digital-only sales.

4. GiftCash

This site accepts digital and physical gift cards from over 150 brands, offering potential earnings of up to 93% of the card’s value for in-demand brands. However, it doesn’t support gift card swapping and requires a minimum card value of $25.

5. Raise

Raise operates as a mobile payment app and e-commerce platform, enabling you to sell gift cards with a minimum balance of $5. It’s a marketplace where demand influences pricing, with a seller fee of 15% upon a successful sale.

Unlocking Value: How to Effortlessly Resell Your Gift Cards Online

Some Tips to Navigate the Gift Card Reselling Process:

Choose Payment Method Wisely: Consider whether you prefer cash, digital payments, or another gift card. Each method has its perks and potential trade-offs.

Avoid eBay for Gift Card Sales: eBay might seem convenient, but hefty fees and low resale values often diminish your earnings. Specialized platforms like Raise and Gameflip typically yield better returns.

By leveraging these platforms dedicated to gift card resale, you can maximize the value of those well-intentioned yet mismatched gifts without hassle or loss.

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