Unlocking Cash: 19 Optimal Places to Sell Your Used Clothes

Unlocking Cash: 19 Optimal Places to Sell Your Used Clothes

Perhaps you’ve viewed your annual wardrobe decluttering as a daunting task, but let’s shift that perspective. Your closet overhaul isn’t just a cleanup—it’s a potential gold mine. Why limit it to once a year? Consider sifting through your wardrobe now to unearth the items ready for a new home.

Start by evaluating each piece. Does it still fit? When was the last wear? Do you still love it? If the answer is a resounding “no” to these questions, it’s time to sell. But the inevitable question arises: where can you sell it? That’s where this guide steps in. Here are the top-notch platforms—both online and in person—that are eager to take those no-longer-needed items off your hands.

Unlocking Cash: 19 Optimal Places to Sell Your Used Clothes

Where to Sell Used Clothes Online

Depop: Tailored for fashion-forward individuals, Depop blends a marketplace with social media. Showcase your items with eye-catching photos and start selling hassle-free. They charge a 10% commission and transaction fees, deducted upon sale.

eBay: Despite its age, eBay remains a strong option. Listing fees are minimal, and they charge a percentage on sales based on categories.

Facebook Marketplace: Integrated into Facebook, it’s a local-centric selling space. Create listings easily, catering to nearby potential buyers.

Poshmark: A social marketplace where the community vibe is strong. Fees are based on the sale amount, ranging from a flat fee to a percentage.

ThredUP: Known for reducing fashion waste, ThredUP’s process involves shipping items to them and then waiting for listings to go live.

Vestiaire Collective: Focused on gently-used designer brands, it charges selling fees based on item prices, along with a processing fee.

The RealReal: Ideal for luxury items, The RealReal handles the entire selling process for a commission based on sales.

Mercari: Simplifying decluttering, Mercari allows listing almost anything for sale and offers various shipping options.

ASOS Marketplace: A trendier platform tied to ASOS, requiring a minimum of 15 items to start. No listing fees but a 20% commission.

Vinted: No listing or commission fees for sellers. Buyers bear a small protection fee.

Kidizen: Specialized in children’s items, Kidizen charges a marketplace fee for sellers but offers flexible payout options.

Unlocking Cash: 19 Optimal Places to Sell Your Used Clothes

Where to Sell Used Clothes In Person

Buffalo Exchange: Accepts a wide range of clothing for cash or store credit and also offers a sell-by-mail program.

Clothes Mentor: Focuses on women’s designer fashion and maternity wear, paying in cash or store credit.

Once Upon a Child: Specializes in children’s items and offers cash, check, store credit, or trade.

Plato’s Closet: Geared towards teens and young adults, offering cash or store credit for trendy casual wear.

Style Encore: Accepts higher-end brands in women’s fashion, paying out in cash.

Uptown Cheapskate: Emphasizes trendy brands in men’s and women’s fashion, offering cash or store credit.

Crossroads Trading: A trendier option focusing on stylish items, paying in cash or store credit.

Local Consignment Shops: Offers a variety of options but may pay only after the item sells, usually in cash.

These avenues present diverse opportunities to monetize your closet cleanse. From online marketplaces catering to specific niches to local stores offering immediate payouts, choose the method that aligns with your preferences and convenience to turn your unused apparel into extra cash.

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