Magch Tablet 10 inch Android Tablet Review – Is It Any Good?

Today we review the Magch Android Tablet. We try to see whether this android tablet is any good for your business needs. Tablets are ubiquitous and make simple liquidation and wholesale business management tasks that much easier for your employees. Should you spend the money on an Apple or Google tool when other brands like Magch might make the same specs much cheaper to attain?

The Magch Tablet for Business

There is no doubt that tablets are great workhorse devices for any business. They are an excellent choice for most liquidation and wholesale businesses because they come with a larger display size and a larger battery, filling a nice sweet spot between a small-screen phone and bigger, bulkier laptops, while also being a much cheaper purchase. The GMS certified Magch Tablet runs Android 11, the latest version of Android, which is great: Android is generally easier for people new to tech to learn. The Magch tablet, which has a 10-inch screen, lets you easily access Google’s services like Gmail, YouTube, Drive, and Maps. You won’t find any bloatware or ads. This device comes preinstalled with Google Play Store, so you can access all your favorite apps. The multitasking feature makes switching between apps easy, and it’s also easy to add multiple user profiles and link your business accounts.


Magch Android Tablet comes with a powerful T10 chipset and a high-performance processor. With speeds up to 1.8GHz, it is an Octa-Core processor. You can expect decent performance from the Magch tablet on a daily basis. Online shopping is easy, as are reading the news, watching videos, or watching movies. The fluid and intuitive user interface allows you to switch between applications at will. You shouldn’t expect superfast multitasking, however. The performance of this tab makes it suitable for use as an add-on.

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