How to Get Started Buying Amazon Return Pallets


As the world of labor and employment continues to evolve, many people have sought out unconventional methods for generating revenue. One emerging opportunity involves buying Amazon return pallets. Amazon return pallets are large wooden pallets filled with an assortment of items that were returned to Amazon.

A pallet may hold electronics from a specific seller, perhaps beauty supplies, or something else entirely. Many sellers will only sell new, unopened products, so selling returned merchandise by the pallet allows some cost to be recouped while passing the potential for profit on to the individual who purchases the pallet of returned goods. Though buying a large quantity of any product all at once may seem overwhelming and risky, the profit may be worth the trouble if approached with the proper mindset and preparation. 

Your initial focus should be determining whether you will be a niche seller or plan to buy and sell items based on popular trends and the likelihood of profiting. What you decide to buy can determine whether you will face strict restrictions on that product type and where it can be sold. Next, you will want to select your method of selling the items, for example, if you plan to sell only on eBay or to branch out to other options such as flea markets, discount stores, or even a slightly more sophisticated method of exporting. 

Once you have determined your supplier and method for selling, you can begin preparing for your first big buy. Now that you know what you want to buy and where you want to sell those items, you can determine where you will purchase your Amazon return pallets. Finally, with the knowledge you’ve gathered, you can buy your first pallet. Then you can begin selling your items through your desired method to generate a profit. 

Determine Your Product Specialty

Before you can begin to profit from the sale of the items you purchase, you will need to determine whether you’ll have a marketing niche or will instead choose your products based on what is currently trending. Both methods can be profitable, and both have their drawbacks and benefits. 

Choosing a niche can be an excellent option if you are a subject matter expert on a product or an avid user of a specific category of products. By specializing in a niche, you benefit from becoming more knowledgeable in the product you are selling. Specializing in a particular theme means many fewer inventoried items and a greater understanding of your product. This often means better knowledge of what’s an authentically good deal or even simply how to showcase a product to improve sales. Unfortunately, specialization’s benefits are a double-edged sword. 

Specializing in one category means you are limited to that category and could miss significant opportunities simply because they’re outside of your chosen category. Additionally, depending on where you decide to sell your items, restrictions vary based on the product type. Amazon, for example, is much more strict on used products, especially regarding things such as handbags, clothing, and similar items. For this reason, you may also be limiting where your items can be sold if you decide to stick to a niche. 

On the other hand, deciding to purchase items based on trends in popular culture is a great choice, especially if you are just getting started with selling Amazon return pallets. By choosing to follow trends, you can increase your likelihood of profitability, provided you can analyze them and know when to pull out. Additionally, having a variety of items means that you have the opportunity to sell those items in several different places because they all will fall into various categories. 

On the downside, selling many different varieties of things means that you will be a master of none, as the old adage goes. In this sense, you will be much less familiar with the products you come across in your pallets. This translates into a higher likelihood that you will pass up a good deal, or overestimate the value of an item, simply due to lack of knowledge. However, despite this drawback, you can be successful if you approach trend selling with a well-mapped-out plan. It should be based on observed trends, such as how many items were purchased over time. 

Choosing a Platform to Sell

Your next step will be to choose a platform on which to sell your merchandise. As indicated previously, specific platforms have distinct requirements, especially concerning particular goods. For this reason, you must research the forum you are choosing to ensure the items you intend to sell are permissible. The usual options if you prefer to sell online include creating your own personal website, selling through eBay, or selling on Amazon. Through the use of these options, you can sell just about any item you come across. 

You may not want to go the usual online platform route, which is fine; there are many alternative avenues. One option is to rent space in a flea market and sell your items there. Another option is to establish channels for distributing to or owning your own discount store. Finally, you may choose to purchase items and then export them. Exporting goods requires several additional steps but will allow you to sell your goods in another country, meaning a possibly better market and a different set of risks. 

Where to Buy Pallets

With all of the information that you’ve gathered, you can now hunt for the best deals on pallets that fit your parameters. The first and best option is to go in person to Liquidation warehouses to view and purchase pallets. You can find places near you on We highly recommend this, as it allows you the opportunity to see with your eyes exactly what you are buying. Alternatively, you can buy pallets online through sites such as,, and Care must be taken when purchasing pallets online and having them shipped to you. Check Better Business Reviews and do your due diligence and do not shop with your eyes. Buying online can be very risky. Read all details carefully before committing to buy. 

Buying Your First Pallet

Whenever possible, learn the exact contents of your pallet when just beginning. There are options to purchase “mystery” pallets and the like, but this is a gamble and not worth tussling with on your first rodeo. If you do this do not spend what you cannot afford to lose. If you are purchasing your pallet online, make sure you have read the description in its entirety and have judged the profitability of the pallet based on the description and any available photographs or supporting documents. If possible, do research on the specific products on the pallet, such as a quick Amazon search to see customer reviews of the merchandise. For example, if you are considering buying a pallet of electronics by Zigzag ABC company, but you see on Amazon that they have primarily one-star reviews, you’ll want to steer clear of this type of merchandise. 

Overall, purchasing Amazon return pallets can be profitable but takes a little bit of knowledge and you have to be willing to get your hands dirty. It not always easy. Once you determine what you want to sell, where you want to buy it from, and where you want to sell it, the process becomes relatively simple. Be sure to research in as great detail as possible when selecting a pallet, even if you purchase based on trending activity. 

 As always, Be Smart and Shop wisely!!!!

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