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Have you ever thought about what takes place to all the merchandise that gets sent back to
What about the products that get damaged by Amazon or freight carriers before getting to the customer or overstock, mislabeled, or overstock from FBA sellers as well as third-party resellers. does try to market some use and open box products in their Stockroom, however a lot of merchandise becomes “Amazon Liquidation Restore” that is liquidated to Recyclers, Reverse Logistics companies and other small liquidators. These are the people that sell this merchandise to the public forresellers to purchase.

These resellers might then sell these goods at online marketplaces or offline where consumers can acquire brand name items for a fraction of the original market price

If you are looking for a list of Amazon liquidation store near you, than you have come to the right place. is the largest most comprehensive liquidation and wholesale directory available.

Prior to visiting a Amazon liquidation warehouse salvage store near you, letme offer you a couple of pointers on how to find salvage products at a liquidation shop.

The most effective way to identify liquidation products is by the stickers.

Amazon Liquidation Store LPN Sticker
Amazon LPN Sticker

Amazon returns will have white rectangle-shaped sticker with a barcode as well as letters and also numbers starting with “LPN” like the ones revealed above, you’ll absolutely know the thing is an Amazon salvage item. LPN means “Certificate Plate Number” and also is a special identifier code utilized by FBA (Met by to track supply stock systems within Amazon’s warehouses.

The other main sticker you want to be on the lookout for is Amazon FC or Fulfillment Center products stickers. These are orange stickers as shown in the example above. These stickers representnew, overstock or warehouse damaged products that are being liquidated through the reverse logistics and recycle programs. These products have never been shipped out to a customer and returned so they will be likely be new or in like new condition.

Amazon FC Sticker

Below is a directory of Liquidation stores,

Search for a liquidation’s stores, salvage Target stores or bin stores near you. Please note that these stores might additionally carry liquidation items from other retail sources as well.

You can search our map or drill down by state, city, or name of the store. Click the shop name for a link to their website or Facebook page for hours as well as specials.

If you’re aiming to purchase your very own Amazon liquidation salvagepallets or Truckloads, reach out to us, we offer the only Liquidation consulting that gives actual sources for the best product and pricing, so you do not get took by all the overpriced Brokers in the industry.

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B-Town Pallets
1701 W Allen St, Indiana 47403, USA
Burlington Wholesale
454 S Pine St, Wisconsin 53105, USA
Extreme Liquidations
470 S State St, Michigan 49345, USA
Indianapolis Pallet Wholesale
55 S. Ave Dock Door #18, Indiana 46201, USA
J&S wholesale Pallets and Untested Appliances
1947 N Fayetteville St., North Carolina 27203, USA
7012 Belgold Dr, Texas 77066, USA
Midtown Liquidation
31524 Railroad Canyon Rd, California 92587, USA
NMB Wholesale
2227 Highway 9 East, South Carolina 29568, USA
Pallet King
730 S. Ewing St., Ohio 43130, USA
Pallet Liquidation Depot
N4863 Waupaca St, Wisconsin 54981, USA
Pallet Stacks Liquidation
663 W Coshocton St, Ohio 43031, USA
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