Salvage Liquidation Stores Near You

Salvage Liquidation Stores Near You

At a Target Salvage store near you, you can find Target Salvage merchandise being sold by the piece, the pallet and even by the truckload.

Liquidation Map is your go source when finding Target salvage stores near you. Below is a directory of liquidation Retail and Value Bin stores across the US that anyone can frequent and save money on everyday items from Target and other Big Box retailers.

Liquidation stores are known for selling new to less than perfect items at a fraction of the cost compared to the Big Box Retailers. Most stores sell their merchandise from 40% to 70% off retail. Which means big savings for consumers.

On this directory you will find Bin Stores, Liquidation Retail, Liquidation Pallets, Auction houses and Liquidation Truckloads that sell all types of liquidated merchandise.

Bin Stores or Value Bins sell their liquidation merchandise for a flat rate on a given day. All Bin Stores follow similar models like Bargain Bins of Anniston. FRIDAY- $8, SATURDAY- $6, SUNDAY- $4, MONDAY- $2, TUESDAY- $1.

Liquidation Stores or Liquidation Retail are stores that sell all their merchandise by the piece. Just about all these stores offer discounts on everyday consumer goods starting at 40% off retail and some as high as 70% off retail. One of Texas biggest chains of liquidation stores where you can find smoking good deals is Sheffield and Sheffield. With 6 locations from Houston to New Braunfels coming soon, have been providing its customers with awesome discounts for the last decade and show no signs of slowing down.

Maybe you would like to try your hand at reselling and making some extra cash by flipping merchandise on marketplaces like Facebook, eBay or Mercari. Buying liquidation merchandise by the pallet is a great way to test the waters.

When buying merchandise by the pallet, you can buy merchandise at 70% off retail or more. You can buy merchandise in various conditions from store returns and even brand-new merchandise. SCD Sales is New England’s Largest Liquidator. They have tons of pallets every day from Target to Alibaba and have a reputation that keeps customers coming back because of the amount of money that they have been able to make from the pallets that they sell.

Perhaps all of this has peeked your intrigue and just buying an entire semi-truck of merchandise sounds like a great idea. offers the most competitive rates on the market with their direct shipped model. You can get truckloads of Target Salvage and case pack merchandise straight to your dock door. They offer all other major retail brands and having been in the industry for the last decade they have some of the best deals you can find on Target, Walmart, Amazon and more.

Reselling offers a range of opportunities, everything from great deal of everyday items, side hustle opportunities to full on business ventures. offers the worlds largest and most extensive directory of liquidation business. Below you will find liquidation business near you.

As always due your due diligence when buying liquidation. We have listed know scammers under the scammers link in the menu. If you would like feedback on a company or if someone is a scammer before you buy, here is a great Facebook group that will answer your questions Liquidation Scammer and feedback.

 Be smart and shop wisely.

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Blue Bird Liquidation
Croton Road , Ohio 43013, USA
Jimmy’s Odds & Ends
83A N Reservoir Dr , Pennsylvania 17315, USA
A to Z Outlet
6400 MacCorkle Ave , West Virginia 25177, USA
2nd Chance Marketplace
1749 Grand Avenue , Montana 59102, USA
Open Now
MetroMerch - Muskogee
120 WEST PEAK BLVD , Oklahoma 74403, USA
MetroMerch - Oklahoma City
1648 SW 89th St. , Oklahoma 73159, USA
Lotz of Deals Retail Store
1225 N 1st St , Texas 75040, USA
1700 Marietta Blvd. NW Suite B34 , Georgia 30318, USA
Deal Drops - Liquidation Bins
2900 W Sample Road, Suite 220 , Florida 33703, USA
Space City Liquidation
5701 Louetta Rd Ste. 500 , Texas 77379, USA
J&K Liquidations
13398 S River Rd , Ohio 43522, USA
Level One Distributors
105 Maple Street Suite H , Georgia 30741, USA
The Loan and Liquidation Station
4444 14 Mile Rd NE , Michigan 49341, USA
JRC Bargain Bins
5983 S Warner Ave , Michigan 49412, USA
Hartland Liquidation Sales
N67W33499 COUNTY HIGHWAY K , Wisconsin 53066, USA
Xcess Limited
1605 Sylvan Rd. , Ohio 44691, USA
Hylton's Crazy Bargains
2300 Doctor M.L.K. Jr Blvd Suite 2 , Indiana 47303, USA
329 East Grant Road , Arizona 85705, USA
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